The home page video describes how breakthrough innovation is possible due to there being a two part system of a physical brain and a cognitive mind. Both systems seem completely different, yet they interact together. This is possible because at their foundation, both are constructed from information. Now, it is easy to imagine the cognitive mind as a collection of information. But how can the physical brain also be made from information? To answer this question a TED talk video below offers an excellent introduction overview on how the foundation of our physical reality is constructed from information. Then below the video is a Unified Field Theory that offers in-depth specifics on how our physical and cognitive realities came into existence and interact.

This video is of an archetype LED accelerator student
giving an overview of our physical reality in the language of information.


The theory of relativity did not come from grafting more assumptions and corrections to Newtonian physics. The Unified Field Theory (UFT) will not come from grafting more assumptions and corrections to the standard model either.


The document below is a disruptive Unified Field Theory written by a physics renegade. (The type that LED accelerator should be continually producing).


The three main sections are titled; Introduction, Process and Purpose. The Process section is a phenomenological description of our physical reality.

(This description is continually being translated into current scholastic physics terminology so that it can become a shared language among physicists in academia). The Purpose section is a philosophical description of our cognitive reality. This section, once understood, will hyper-drive the advancement of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technology.


Essentially, this UFT is a new map to a new territory no one has ever visualized before. The map is not written in scholastic prose or validated yet. But it is the first groundwork that interconnects our physical and cognitive reality as a process. Some of the concepts in this UFT are decades, centuries and Millenia ahead of their time.


There are nascent physics and mathematical concepts being worked on by today's leading physicists that will be slowly evolved into a UFT. Those nascent concepts are currently labeled the "Bootstrap" model. That is the only contemporary model that is on the correct path to a UFT. Here is a Quanta magazine article introduction to it: Physicists Uncover Geometric 'Theory Space'.


View Unified Field Theory as a PDF.