LED accelerator:  A new program within secondary education that will develop breakthrough innovators.

LED accelerator
Leadership  Empowering  Diversity


Introduction to advanced paradigms

that explain and support LED accelerator


Breakthrough innovators throughout history have described their work as a process of discovery, always sensing a final vision of what they eventually manifested. Within this process all past and future breakthrough innovation has always existed conceptually, ready to be sourced by breakthrough innovators. It was possible for breakthrough innovators to do this because they were coincidentally positioned in their fields along with having brains that were naturally wired with developed algorithms, to be able to source the innovation.


Since there is a process to discover breakthrough innovation, there is therefore a process to develop future breakthrough innovators. This process takes the form of LED accelerator, a program within U.S. Education that will accelerate how breakthrough innovation is discovered and then beneficially allocated within society. The select adolescents within this program will grow up to be leaders within the private, public, military and religious sectors of this exceptional nation. In turn, the future core of American Exceptionalism to lead the world, will run through this program.


First Intro: An Advanced Paradigm on U.S. Education


"A society's competitive advantage will come not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity."


Albert Einstein


1,500 years ago having access to information meant the difference between life and death. 150 years ago having access to information meant equal opportunity.  Now information is available anytime and anywhere.  Therefore information has become a commodity that no longer has any value in education.  In the future, value will reside solely in how adolescent minds will be wired to creatively use and transform information within U.S. Education.


U.S. Education is based on a premise that is centuries behind.  The process of forcing adolescents to memorize information and then grade them on how well they regurgitate it is now obsolete.   A new program needs to be implemented that is scalable and sustainable.  A program that will continually advance alongside evolving social, economic and government needs.  The only program that meets this criteria is LED accelerator.


LED accelerator will develop breakthrough innovators that will in turn guide the rest of the education system.  The concept of LED accelerator is itself breakthrough innovation, based on philosophy that is centuries ahead of its time. Yet LED accelerator is also completely accessible to launch and implement within the current education system right now.


In-depth education based documentation and support for this paradigm is found in the Proposal and Analysis sections.



Second Intro: An Advanced Paradigm on Breakthrough Innovation


"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why."


Albert Einstein



Established Information that is discovered is labeled as breakthrough innovation. It comes from the previous cosmos cycle and is utilized in the present cosmos cycle. Established Information is then re-allocated and re-combined at an accelerated rate through random interactions to create New Information.


New Information that is created is labeled as incremental innovation.  It becomes the harvested product of a yielding adaptive platform, which is integrated between a micro-cellular and macro-cosmological Structured Organization.


Structured Organization of any size – be it a cell, corporation, country, cosmos or celestial – can become sustainable only if a bold strategy is designed and executed successfully.


In-depth science based documentation and support for this paradigm is found in the Physics and Economics sections.